WhatsApp’s Upcoming Channel Notification Feature: What’s in Store?

Whatsapp is finding new ways to improve the user interface. Even a small change in Whatsapp can go a long way in improving the way we always hang out on Whatsapp. Several features related to improved video quality while transferring them and other such essential functions are available with Whatsapp currently. But Whatsapp does not stop here, they are further adding to the features. Learn what next they are trying to build with their current feature.

Whatsapp is launching features one after the other and their new broadcasting tool is called Channels. With Channels, a single-way broadcasting medium, you can message together a large number of recipients. It is still not available to all Whatsapp users but to only a few.

Now, how does Whatsapp intimate users when Channels is available to all?

For this purpose, Whatsapp is bringing up another new feature with which they would intimate others of the coming of Channels. Channel is in the beta testing phase and that too, the feature functions only in a few select countries.

The new Whatsapp working on Channel notification is available to those who are enrolled as beta users. If the users click on the Notify Me tab, they will be able to join their waiting list. Users can create and join large groups through the use of the Channels function. It can serve as a very essential tool for businesses, corporations, and other such functionalities.

Whenever Channel is available in their country and they have created a waiting list notification with them, they can get informed about it and they can start accessing the Channels details from here.

What’s more with Whatsapp?  They are bringing new messages about a new function that is known to be the Official Chat and is meant for advice and techniques.

People can come to know of the most recent updates from their site. They can also block or archive the official chat if they no longer want to hear from them.

But remember, Channels will be a one-way broadcast tool and Instagram has announced the same feature to be integrated into the social channel. You can catch up with the present feature from the Updates tab. It will also be a searchable directory where you can find a lot of topics that seem to interest you. Topics can be selected easily.

If you are already excited about the Whatsapp working on Channel feature, it might be time to wait for the feature to load on your device.

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