iOS 17 to Embrace Two Classic Android Features

What iOS always brings is amazing but then sometimes, so it seems, they also love Android features. What happens next? They plan to integrate it into their new iOS 17 iPhones.

What can be enticing to iOS or Android? We can find out. Right now as per reports, there are two old Android features that they wish to integrate in their next iOS handsets.

You can finally scroll through screenshots and can also use the bilingual support for Siri.

Screenshots are so important and we have been taking screenshots in both iOS and Android handsets but then a scrolling screenshot changes a lot of the ways you take screenshots using your iOS phones. With this feature introduced, you can now take a scrolling screenshot of a document, webpage or email that does not fit on your screen.

Also saving an image will no longer be only possible in a PDF format. You will surely have more options.

How do you do it on your Android phone as part of two old Android phone features?

  • First, press and release your side button and the volume up button together. After you have taken the screenshot, click on the lower left corner of your screen.
  • From this portion, choose the full page screen option and this process will activate the scrolling screenshot feature.
  • After you are done taking the screenshot, you can now save the screenshot as either an image or a PDF. With this image’s inception, finally, iPhone will bring you what earlier only Androids could do.

Next, a major update is about Siri as one of the two old Android phone features.

It is to become as updated as Google Assistant and Alexa are right now.

With the new model, you will see Siri understand two languages: English and any other one bilingual language like Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, or Marathi.

The new iPhone series will unveil in the month of September this year. As of now, this is all about the updates. Most essentially, people’s lives can actually become easier with Siri being provided in two languages and also with the help of the scrolling screenshots, things will change.

Right now, all we need to do is wait for iOS to release their phones so that we can enjoy the new updated technologies. Find out more about what they can bring to you in the due course of time.

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