macOS Sonoma: Your Mac Turns into an iPhone — Why You Should Care

Would you like to have your Mac turned into an iPhone or iPad? Some people do want to have it as such. With Apple planning to release Sonoma, which will be the most new MacOS version you will be able to use your Mac as an iPhone or iPad.

It will bring forth a few features which will help turn your Mac into an iPhone.

Interactive widgets will be an addition to the MacOS. They will move these widgets out of the Today view and will bring them to the forth making them more prominent and valuable an addition. These will streamline the digital experience considerably.

  • The next feature which is highlighted is the Messages app. It will align with the iOS version and will generate a familiar interface.
  • Adding websites to the Home screen will help users add the websites and save them for future use. These websites can be used as standalone apps later.
  • They also enable home screen savers, bring in new levels of gaming performances, and will enhance productivity for video conferencing, and also will ease Safari browsing.
  • Users will also have a secure password-sharing feature that was previously available only on iOS.
  • You can also link related notes together that are already available in iOS.
  • With the new Sonora, you can also activate Siri simply by just merely wording out Siri and that’s all you need to start Siri. It will help align your MacOS experience with your iOS experience.

But not all about Mac is similar to the iOS technology. There are other stuff being tried with Sonora.

Safari is getting updated meanwhile. With this update, users can shield themselves from trackers and anyone having access to the user’s device.

The Mac’s updated version will provide one with new tracking and fingerprinting options for private browsing. Through private browsing, Mac users can this time prevent tracking and being identified as a particular user for Mac.

Gamers can also find something of worth with this update. The new game mode will provide people with a new consistent frame rate. They will lower the audio latency with Air Pods and also will reduce the input latency by doubling the Bluetooth sampling rate.

Even the hearing impaired can now connect to calls and consume media by joining the Mac.

For the speech impaired, the Live speech option is enabled. They can type and vocalize their calls using their thoughts during the calls and conversations.

For those with physical and motor disabilities, you can get phonetic suggestions. You can take dictations and edit texts using voice control with Mac. Blind or people with reduced vision can enjoy pausing animated messages automatically available for iPhone with macOS Sonoma.

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