Sony Bows to Microsoft, Secures Call of Duty for PlayStation

Have you played Call of Duty? If you have and love the game, you might have heard of the fight between Sony and Microsoft. Things have come to an end as the situation settles with Microsoft winning the row.

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox head announced after winning the case except in the United Kingdom where they are still refusing to give way that Call of Duty will remain on Playstation. This is following the Activision Blizzard suit. It will cover Call of Duty and will not cover the acquisition of other Activism Blizzard. In his speech, he concluded by saying he looks forward to building a future where players from across the globe have more choices in playing their favourite games.

The deal is said to be lasting for a span of 10 years. This agreement is made by Microsoft with Sony while other parties as well as Nintendo agreed to it. Many gamers worry about the owners and also about the creation of real threatening situations in the gaming market.

Microsoft is committed to making Call of Duty available to more than many platforms, as many as they can.

Microsoft had repeatedly requested publicly to keep Call of Duty only on Play stations. But Sony denied these please repetitively. It also made Microsoft lose $68.7 billion by supporting the Activision acquisition alongside several regulatory authorities.

The deal is supposed to be closing today, 18th July 2023. In the UK the extended deadline is 29th August. Microsoft and Activision will enter newer deadlines possibly to give this deal time to reach complete processing. Further, Microsoft also confirmed they would have Activision games with them after the deal closes. Here is all that you must know about the deal between Microsoft and Sony if you were following the deal closely. This deal is welcome for many though many doubts still exist around them.

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