Pokemon’s Mindfulness Initiative: The Need for a Meditation App

Playing Pokemon has been one of the best time-pass games for many. Especially, as the franchise cares about a player’s mental health and physical wellbeing. Each of their games like Pokemon GO and Sleep provides a trend where the physical well-being of an individual is taken into account. Further games from Pokemon should also do the same.

Also why it needs a meditation app can be explained using this rationale. If they use some game form that can aim at their player’s mental health then there is a chance they would be capable of destigmatising the mental health topic prevalent among people.

If you have played Pokemon Sleep, you’d know that they incorporate exercises and activities that help one’s mental well-being. They also bring around characters like Meditite and Medicham, who come together as playing the gaming mascots to help people.

People who still understand mental health will know that prioritizing mental health means they can trust the app and go back to it every time they want.

When the Pokemon Go game was released in 2016, it was shown to have a successful impact on the player’s health. With Pokemon Sleep coming up in 2023, the franchise has received praise once again from the community. It seems people are happy they can rest and improve their mental and physical well-being more.

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More about Pokemon Sleep

A happy gamer is a rare species and with Pokemon Sleep coming up, you will get to find more happy gamers again. Pokemon GO got an award for COVID-19 safeguards. Pokemon Sleep has also turned sleeping into a form of entertainment now thereby encouraging people to sleep more.

With their games prioritizing mental and physical health, they are sure to monopolize this aspect in the industry is how gaming moguls see it.

Also if you see Pokemon Sleep, you will realize that the game is targeted at Japanese culture which preaches focus and everyday work meditation. In their culture, no work is small or big as every work requires a certain skill set and a wee bit of focus. They believe unless you love any work, you cannot do it and if you don’t love a work, you cannot do it well.

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So, they start by teaching how to best clean your latrines and sanitary pans and how to do even this work with joy. The same seems to be coming back with Pokemon Sleep where each small work is turned into a play and is intended to interest gamers at play as well as in real life.

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