Elon Musk’s Twitter Transformation: Inspired by Chinese Super App WeChat

Elon Musk has rebranded Twitter into X since the last week and finally, Twitter has made X available on iOS devices. Musk confirmed he would build X into a far bigger platform. He would make it an all-in-one app. But it seems the idea to make it something bigger comes from a Chinese app that goes by the name of WeChat in China. Musk is almost impressed by this Chinese app.

Will Musk make X another WeChat and why?

The entire 1.4 billion Chinese people use the app astonishingly and it seems the app is built in the very core of their everyday life. What made WeChat a necessity in China is the fact that they have rolled in an all-in-one app model with it there. In China, if you have WeChat, you cannot just talk or post your content, but you can also shop, date, pay, connect to the government’s site for different work, scan QR codes, go in to shop using the app and can even make appropriate investments through it.

It has a wallet feature, and it can be connected to your debit card or credit card of yours. Most Chinese shops and online retailers accept WeChat payments from customers.  

Several government services are also available on WeChat. Through it, users are capable of checking a few government-related details;

  • Their social security details
  • Paying for speeding tickets
  • Even booking hospital appointments

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But there are a few downsides to having this app with you.

  • You are more in the app network rather than being on the open web.
  • Chinese government surveillance is possible through this app as claimed and feared by many in their nation.
  • It eats up a lot of data whereby people need to mandatorily go for it rather than any other app.
  • It squashes the competition and competitors easily try out in the market.

Also, the Western population works with a more open and freer mindset and it can be difficult for them to follow just one app for their uses. People in the West also pay money using different ways and streamlining the entire West to go for a cashless and cardless way of transaction can take a lot of time.

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Elon Musk had once said if he could even incorporate half of what WeChat capably does, it would be considerably an achievement.

People eagerly await if Elon Musk can successfully recreate WeChat and implement it successfully aligning to the needs and the freer mindsets of Westerners.

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