YouTube testing viewer-created Shorts featuring comments

Notable Highlights:

Features being tested currently;

  • Shorts featuring comments on videos will soon become available.
  • Replying to comments is possible now.
  • Long press to increase the speed of the video to 2x.
  • They are trying to go for a three-strike policy for ad blockers.
  • A long screen feature will enable locking the screen from pausing when touched accidentally.

We all watch YouTube channels and videos for different reasons. Some watch it for some use while other go to it for fun. Google owns YouTube and like Google is refurbishing and refurnishing different apps and features of their own, they are also doing the same for their owned apps. YouTube is one such app where they are also testing some features.

Currently, a lot of features are getting tested for almost every app we use and every other social media platform we are in touch with. The prime focus is on a feature called shorts using which people will be able to take shorts that feature comments. While now you can also reply to comments on YouTube, they want to test if they can create content from these comments.

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Where will the shorts appear?

Right on the viewer’s channel page and in the Shorts feed.

How does the Shorts featuring comments work?

If a viewer creates a comment shorts, it won’t notify the creator of the video. It won’t even notify the commenting author. Creators will not be able to inhibit people from sharing their comments in the form of featured shorts. It can only happen when they have their comments disabled on their videos.

Only a small number of end users have access to this feature currently. iOS and Android mobile devices are what it is getting tested on.

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Some other features YouTube is currently testing

Another feature they are right now testing includes long pressing anywhere when watching a video to twice (2x) increase the speed of the video.  

The bigger preview feature is also being tested right now. Wherever the video you like comes to a point that you like you can go for a larger preview.

A long-screen feature is also being tested. With it, you can disable the touch input when watching a video. With it, they plan to prevent accidental skipping, pausing, or disruption of videos.

They have also undertaken a three-strike policy for those individuals using ad blockers in YouTube videos. It is though not clear how the policy would work. They have also released a stable volume feature for YouTube users.

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