YouTube’s New Strike System Targets Ad Blockers – Are You at Risk?

We are all aware of YouTube and know how much we love their short and long videos and of course, musical treatises and songs.

But we are not aware that many people use ad blockers to stop ads from running in between videos. Those who do it do not know it is a traceable back end and thus, now YouTube has a message for all its viewers.

YouTube is bringing up a three-strike policy for ad blockers!

Are you an users blocking ads, if so this post is for you.

You can switch to YouTube Premium to watch YouTube ad-free or you must switch off your ad blocker.

Yes, it is for those who have put on ad blockers when viewing YouTube videos.

Most sites ask people to remove ad blockers and YouTube recently admitted to it saying that ad blockers are against their policies. A Reddit user found out and soon Reddit got filled with the news. Several people displayed screenshots of the warning message they received on Reddit and Twitter.

The notice displays on YouTube starts by delivering a message saying it seems like the user is using an ad blocker. Next, it warns saying video playback will stop after three videos if the YouTube ads are not allowed. It also says that if you choose the premium model for going ad-free, the creators can still get paid for it.

Reddit reads, only after viewing three YouTube videos with ad blockers, YouTube would stop the videos from running for the viewers temporarily. It is only with the help of ads, YouTube stays free for billions of people, and by blocking ad blockers people are stopping YouTube from earning. Without using the premium model, using free YouTube videos can be crushing for them.

To sum up

What did YouTube have to say about users blocking ads? Did they admit they were running such a warning campaign?

To answer the question above, YouTube did talk to Verge on this, and to them, they did accept they were running a pilot campaign and to it, they added urging people globally to stop using YouTube with ad blockers.

It is planning to disable playback very seriously and will temporarily bar the person from watching videos on YouTube and from users blocking ads. If the person does not want to get barred, they have the option to upgrade to a premium model or to switch to a no-ad blocker option.

Soon after the pilot experiment results for users blocking ads reach them and users’ reactions come up, we would know if YouTube would go ahead and implement the plan globally or if they would have something else to suggest.

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