Revolutionizing Shopping with AI: Microsoft’s Game-Changing Features for Bing

Microsoft, the software giant is planning to make the lives of shoppers easier. They have designed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered tool which is going to function for shoppers for Edge and Bing browsers.

According to Microsoft, these tools can help users plan their shopping better and can also help them save more than ever. The tool is designed to harness the power of AI.

The tool will make it easy to run research around products, discover the right goods, and complete the purchases in the right time frame.

With the help of the AI feature, people can quickly find out what they like or want. Offering product suggestions, showing the right specifications, and displaying similar items adjacent to each other are what will make Microsoft Bing and Edge users score well in their shopping experience.

Clicking on different options without having to click on their websites and finding out more about them is one of the key traits of this AI-induced tool. Buying guides are put in place for those who are not sure what they are looking for. You can either access it from the Edge or Bing sidebar.

The buying guides are present right now in the US and would soon roll out to different markets over some time. In Edge, you can already find the buying guide from anywhere in the world.

When you are using Edge, if you choose to take up a phone, you can open Bing Chat on Edge, and Bing will bring you the options to think of when shopping for a phone within your budget using the AI-Powered shopping feature.

You can also ask Bing to summarize people’s reviews about something you liked. The price match feature of Bing and Edge will keep working even after you have completed the buying and selling and also your purchases. Also, this kind of price match will help monitor a particular item’s purchase and also state the price drop.

Microsoft has also tagged an AI-powered package that will help track purchases of an individual from the sidebar in Edge. Next time, you have a shipping confirmation; you don’t have to find it in your mail for finding out the tracking numbers and also shipping confirmations. 

Price Match, an AI-Powered shopping feature will soon be available in the United States. Already price history, comparison of prices, coupon availability, and cash-back options are present alongwith package tracking in chosen markets and are also in-built in Edge.

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