PlayStation Plus offers Free Games for September [2024]

Play Station Plus is offering three free games from 1st August to 4th September. The games are available to all and if they are subscribed to the services of Play Station Plus, they can play the games. Their subscription will decide how long they can play the games.

These are those games that are available for free and they are PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams, and Death’s Door. They come at no additional price. Each of these games will however have certain storage requirements which include the below-mentioned essentials.

  • PGA Tour 2K23 will require 14.169 GB of storage space.
  • Death’s Door will need 3.776 GB.
  • PS4 counterpart will require 21.542 GB.

But if you focus on PS5, it will take not more than 852 MB. In this way, gamers can have 10.794 GB of free space in the search console to get the Dreams game installed. Dreams is a game that was released in 2020 and it was exclusive to PS4. During its launch, the game got beautiful positive reviews. To claim Call of Duty, Black Ops Cold War, Alan Wake Remastered, and Ending: Extinction is Forever, you can do it until 31st July.

The list of games for PS Plus Extra and Premium will come in August 2023. Another game is already lined up for next month. Again Sea of Stars is supposed to release on 29th August and will be part of both Xbox Games Pass and PS Plus. It will enable people to play the game when it releases on 29th August.

Now that we are aware of what is to come and what you can do with the games, we will briefly talk about the free games below;

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Three Free Games and what they offer

  • PGA Tour 2K23

With this PGA Tour 2K23, you compete against the Tour pros and also create rivalries newly. With the game, you can also play as a male-female pro at the same time. You can also play as Tiger Woods and can go online or play the game locally. Learn new skills and go together to create your MyPlayer by including new archetypes.

  • Dreams

They have easy-to-use tools with which you can make your games. The tool offers and promotes different types of creations including paintings, animations, sculptures, movies, games, and also music.

  • Death’s Door

A dark tale but a comedy at most times it will allow the use of weapons, arrows, and magic with beasts and demigods for the isometric action adventure. If you want, you will be able to customize your characters and gain an edge over others. There are twisted inhabitants, and provide you with secretive, strange, and wonderful characters.

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