Apple Music’s ‘Discovery Station’ Now Live for Subscribers

Apple Music has found a new station for subscribers and this station is called the Discovery Station. This is different from the [Your Name’s] station and it is in Apple Music to watch. The station is somehow witnessed by people who use Apple Music in the previous year. It was reportedly in the beta testing phase and the station is supposed to make waves with what it brings for its listeners.

It is similar to the [Your Name’s] Station in many ways and is different from it in many others.

Similarities with [Your Name’s] Station are

  • The algorithm used in both stations is similar in terms of putting forth music similar to the listener’s taste.

Differences between other stations and the Apple Music Discovery Station are;

  • The Discovery Station will not play songs from your Library or playlists like the [Your Name’s] station.
  • It will mix music frequently keeping in mind the artists and the kind of music you’ve played before.
  • It is dissimilar to the [Your Name’s] Station but is similar to the New Music Mix station in the mixing of songs. But rather than having just 25 songs in a playlist, you will have the option to choose from the 100 million possible songs.

It is announced that the Apple Music Discovery Station and the [Your Name’s] Station will roll out worldwide at this hour.

Both these radio stations will pair together. These two stations will be located under the Listen Now segment. In the Apple Music app, it will be available under the Top Picks section. Both the [Your Name’s] Station and the Discovery station will contain the label that would read, Made For You.

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If you have a personal library, the channel will refer it. It is though not known how the algorithms work to make suggestions around songs. But they are right not promoting the Discovery station which they might do at some other point in time.

 It is available live on the following mediums- Apple Music mobile, desktop, and web apps for almost every user.

Go to the Listen Now section and then find the stations for Your Section. The Verge workers have found that the channel does a decent job with placing new music in front of you but the music that you haven’t heard before. 

This new station will be equal to establishing a good alternative to Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist. Both these channels algorithmically serve tunes that appear as batch recommendations every week.

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