How to get loan from Cash Assist Loan app [Complete Guide]?

What is Cash Assist Loan app?

Which kind of loan apps is being preferred nowadays? Those loan organizations offer simple, effective, efficient, and provide the easiest loan option. Read one of the loan options and it is the Cash Assist Loan app.

Here the entire process is managed online and offers you a fast loan withdrawal and repayment mode. The daily interest rate with the Cash Assist loan app is 0.04% and the maximum annual interest rate is 14%. It is by far one of the lowest you can achieve with online loans. Take upto Rs. 70,000 loan amount from them.

How to get loan from Cash Assist Loan app?

After you search for the Cash Assist Loan app in Google Playstore, you need to click on the Install button to start the download and installation.

Once the app is downloaded, you have to give it adequate permissions like it will want to access your photos and so on.

After you are done, you have to submit your KYC documents.

Also, your passport size photograph must be added apart from the bank details.

When all is done, you can start applying for the loan tab by clicking on the loan option.

Fill in your needs and after you are done, you can submit the form. When you submit, you will get an instant message on whether your loan is approved or not.

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Is Cash Assist Loan App real?

Cash Assist Loan app

There is no doubt that the Cash Assist app is real and it operated from Madhya Pradesh, India. It is meant for the growing instant loan takers in India and targets office-goers who often run short of funds and need some extra cash to fill in their month’s needs.

How much loan you can borrow from the app?

The loan amount that you can take from them varies from somewhere between Rs.100000 to Rs. 70000. You can take the loan amounts and follow a quicker repayment model.

Contact details

If you want to contact them, there are two ways.

Mail them: [email protected].

Address: C3G9 + WWW, Dongar Salaiya, Madhya Pradesh 470226. You can also try calling them at 7001059849 mobile number.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the interest rate?

The daily interest rate for a loan is 14%/365 days= 0.04%. For a whole year, you must pay a 14% loan interest rate.
For a loan amount of Rs.10000 from Cash Assist, you will need to pay somewhere Rs. 3154 a month. In this, the repayment module is set at 30 months, and the interest rate is 0.04% daily.
10000 x 0.04%/ 30 + 10000/ 100 x 30= Rs. 3120.

Is Cash Assist Loan App Safe?

The personal information you provide in the app is completely encrypted and therefore, the app will bring all-round protection for you.

Is Cash Assist loan app RBI Approved?

No, the Cash Assist app is not RBI (Reserve Bank of India) approved right now. Those who want to take loans must read their terms and conditions and also find out when they would get the RBI approval for better safety of their proceedings.


Find more about the Cash Assist Loan app and understand if it can help you with your needs. Those who don’t have the option to call in friends and family for their immediate monetary needs can try these instant loans to get your work done.

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