Former Disney star Mitchel Musso arrested in Texas check reason

People were appalled to hear about Musso’s arrest recently. The actor is 32 year old and was recently caught in a hotel in Texas on charges of theft, and public intoxication. According to witnesses, the Rockwell Police Department received a call at around 07:15 pm in the evening from a hotel. The hotel was located in 2600 Block of Lakefront Trail and called the police after encountering a disturbance.

According to reports, Musso walked into the restaurant reportedly intoxicated chose a bag of wafers or chips, and refused to pay for being asked for. He verbally abused those who asked him for the money and was outrageous according to some. He left without even paying for it. Soon the police came over and took him to custody and he was kept in the Rockwell County Detention Center and spent an entire night in prison. 

He was charged with stealing an item that was priced less than $100. He was released on bail and the total bail amount he had to pay accounted for $1000 for public intoxication and theft. According to records, other charges laid on him other than theft and public intoxication were set at another $1080. He also underwent a thorough background check instead of the event.  

How is Mitchel Musso known?

He is known for several of his roles one of them being Miley Cyrus’s best friend Oliver Oken on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana show. Mitchel Musso shot to fame in his teenage years and the late 2000s co-starred in the show opposite Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment.

He is also known to have voiced the Phineas and the Ferb animated series for the character named Jeremy. It was aired on the American television’s Disney Channel outlet and Disney XD for four seasons from August 2007 to June 2015. 

What are the other charges on him according to the police?

According to the Rockwell Police Department, the ex-Disney star already has several outstanding traffic bills pending in his name.

He isn’t arrested for the first time according to several reports. Mitchel Musso was arrested before and the first report is from 2011 when he was arrested under the influence in Burbank California when he was only 20 years old. His alcohol level was way beyond the normal permissible limit of 0.08%. Apart from his hit singles, he is also known widely for his television and film appearances and people only hope he will sober out in the future.

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