Twitch Streamer Arrested for Inciting Riot of Thousands in Manhattan

Kai Cenat, a social live streamer is right now in trouble and is charged with inciting riots in the crowd. He has multiple charges on him and also faces charges around unlawful assembly and other petty crimes. The fact that he was the reason that thousands of them gathered in New York Union Square and caused what police describe as mayhem is reason enough for it.

Cenat is having 4 million followers on YouTube, 6.5 million on Twitch, and 5 million on Instagram. He is accused of causing trouble as he had not sought prior permission from the police. He did not even inform them of the staging he had planned to put up in the New York Union Square.

How the mayhem took place with the Twitch streamer arrested

During a Twitch live on Wednesday, he informed the fans he would give away computers, PlayStations, microphones, keyboards, webcams, headphones, gaming chairs, and even gift cards. According to him, all people there would need to do is answer the questions correctly that are asked. He also informed them that the questions were supposed to be about social media and YouTube. He replied saying whoever gives a few correct answers gets to win a play station just like that. Cenat had planned it for 4 pm yesterday.

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By 03:00 pm, according to the police, the crowd had already begun to gather. In a few minutes, the park was full and crammed with people. Some people carried axes, hammers, and whatever sharp objects they could gather from a local construction site. They exploded crackers and aimed them at the police. There were juveniles in the crowd apart from adults and young men and women.

According to the police verbiage, almost by 05:30 pm, they had gained total control of the situation. Several parents came calling for their children, but then the police wished there could be more parents coming in. Due to the crowd, NYPD activated Level 4 response which was earlier scheduled at Level 2.

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What happened to the crowd in New York Union Square

A total of 65 people got arrested of whom 30 were counted as juveniles. This irresponsible behavior is what led Cenat to get charges which included two counts due to unlawful assemblage of people and also charges of inciting a riot.

Twitch streamer arrested, Cenat has posted some videos where he is seen with the crowd but then he was removed from the ground for security reasons by the police just in time. Several young people even got injured in the crowd and also a few police officers got injured in the process. The police condemned organizing such events which were random and without any protective cover.

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