Threads Witnesses 80% Drop in Daily Active Users: Can Meta’s Alternative Rival Twitter?

What would Meta-led Threads need to become a successful substitute for Twitter? Those who were looking for an alternative Twitter got their first hand on Threads and people just thronged to it on the very first 5 days like it was a limitless party.

However, due to the absence of these five features, Threads seems to have lost almost 80% of their daily active users within a month. Analysis and reports claim the decline is still happening and the curve is taking a lower turn with each passing day.

This is what Threads does not have;

  • Direct messaging option: Many people use Twitter as it serves as a direct person-to-person messaging app.
  • Follow-only timeline: With Twitter and TikTok, you can see content that is from followers as well as suggested.
  • Real search: With Threads, you can only search users, and not posts and content available. It needs to be upgraded hereon.
  • Trending topics and hashtag: You don’t get to see trending topics and hashtags on Threads which many people miss. They find it something that they would not affirm as quite attractive.
  • Inline advertising: Sponsored ads facility lacks on Threads which is what is available in other different platforms.

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What does Market Research says- Threads lost users?

Sensor Tower, a market research intelligence firm said it had an 82% reduction from 49 million users to just 9.6 million daily active users from 5th July (launch date) to 1st August (after a month). Even Threads lacks content often produced by buzzy influencers. 

Time spent on the app has also dropped from 14 minutes as recorded on 6th July to 2.3 minutes by 1st August. US users had peaked with the app to use over 20 minutes but then now it stands at a steady 3 minutes.

From being the fastest-growing application in the history of apps to it struggling at this level will be difficult a feat for the company. However, starting from Mark Zuckerberg to Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, all hope that the app is going to gain ground and that the team is quite competently and strategically going to place features that will make the app a success.

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Threads have also right now added a following tab on the feed, and also other essential features. We are to see when the app gains ground and comes to the top and gains back Threads lost users. Will it be for its uniqueness, people will need to sanctify?

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