Fitbit is revamping its app with a three-tab layout

Fitbit is Google’s fitness app and they are soon to launch a new app with a fresh design. Fitbit is currently going to start beta testing the app and it is set to start on 1st August 2023 and will begin with a chosen few people.

New FitBit App

With the new Fitbit app, one will get a three-tab structure. 

  • There will be a Today tab for finding the summary of the user activity.
  • To read health and fitness content, you have to go to the Coach tab. 
  • There is also a ‘You’ tab using which users can adjust their goals and also track their progress.

The new app with all the refurbished or refreshed data contains the stats like steps done, stress management, sleep score, zone minutes, and activity. They can check the readiness scores also in this app.

With Fitbit, you will have nutritional, fitness, and mindfulness content available for you. Workout filtering can be done using their equipment types.

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  • For premium users, you will get dance cardio and HIIT options.
  • In the current app, you will get the content under the Discover tab.
  • Reaching out to the community and having achievements is also what you get from the You tab.
  • Users can even view the road they walk using their phones.
  • Again Fitbit will help prompt users to utilize their Google accounts.
  • Measuring how much each person is walking, running or hiking is easy with the help of the app.

Fitbit is long there in the market and with Google’s expertise, you might even be able to measure just not your steps but also your other health metrics like sleep, etc.

They won’t use Fitbit data for Google ads is how they have come out of their plans.

Nowadays, people lead a busy life and there are a lot of deficits people need to address. It is essential to understand that the app incorporates Google material design standards. 

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Having a handy tool with you that can tell you if you need more precautions is essential nowadays. Also, find out if you need to go for a health check-up or need to tune in your regime as per your health needs. Having a basic understanding of your health meters can help discipline your life. Sleep scores will tell you how many hours of sleep you are having and how many more hours you need to have for yourself.

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