Google’s Reading Mode App: A Web Design Savior for Android Users

Google is firing out apps, and better techniques for living life using technology at its fullest. With Google, you can now read more comfortably. You don’t have to deal with all these ads, pop-ups, nags, and auto-playing videos. 

You can see a few companies scrambling for attention and why shouldn’t they? After all, they bring forth some of the best gadgets forward. Some of the apps work to simplify human life which should be the prime motto of every living soul on earth.

We often try to read something that works well and while reading, we realize there is so much to overcome- disrupting auto-playing videos, pop-ups, ads, and much more. What do we do with all this? As we try to focus our attention, we realize everything else is drawing up our attention, sapping our energy completely.

Now, with the reading mode app for Android users, life can ease up with no distractions taking up the screen. All you have to do is swap through everything easily using your two fingers to get to your reading material.

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What you can do with Google’s Reading Mode app?

The reading mode was released last year and acts to ease user accessibility. There are several other things that you can achieve when using this app. They are as follows;

  • Customize the typeface
  • Font size correction
  • Color changing
  • Spacing the fine-tuning tab to check how well it presents the text
  • With the help of Google’s onboard text-to-voice transcription, you can also listen to the content.
  • Customizing the voices and adjusting its speed are some of the other features you can easily navigate through.

The Reading mode apps installed in different browsers are separate from the reading mode app by Google. You get to use it in almost everything that your phone is displaying at that point and not just in Chrome, the in-app browser, or the app itself.

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When reading, it will strip off everything from the app like images, links, pop-ups, ads, videos, and so on. The reading mode will also disable notifications and different kinds of system pop-ups. They can briefly release you from the grip of everything that wobbles around your reading material.

There were already some apps that can reformat your reading material in the market. But then one needs to remember going to it to read it. Due to this, you might miss what might have enlightened you in the right way at the right time. But with Google’s reading mode becoming handy, things can certainly be different for you.

You have a floating virtual tab and after installing the app, you need to enable reading mode from your phone’s accessibility settings. Approve the prompt to view what is available on your device screen.

Alternately launch Google’s Reading Mode app by holding both the volume buttons.

Those who use it for the first time can walk through the features and customization introduction easily.

All we can say is use Google’s Reading Mode app to believe it.

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