Amazon Deals: Apple AirTags Cheaper than Prime Day – Track Anything with Ease

We all have embraced the abilities of different technologies and a small disk like an Apple AirTag is an instrument in itself. Whether it is like tracking your dog, your school going child, your wallet, bags, musical instruments, bags and anything of any sort can be tracked using the Airtags. It could be virtually anything and tracking them can be no less easy.

What does an AirTag cost you?

If you wish to know the price of an Apple AirTag, you can always rely on Amazon. The total cost of 4 Airtags is placed at $85 and each is roughly $21. You can’t expect anything to be cheaper than what the price is right now.

This year with the Amazon deal, Apple Airtags have hit the lowest price.

At normal times, Apple Airtags can cost anywhere upto $99. But now with it being at $84.99, you can save upto 14%. During Amazon Prime Day, we have already seen a discount of 10%. But this deal today is extra favorable and offers a lot.

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How do you use the Apple Airtags?

Here is what you do to use the Apple Airtags.

  • Visit the Find My App and then click on the items available.
  • Choose your AirTag and then click on the Find Nearby option.
  • Visit the onscreen instructions, slightly go around the space and wait till your Airtags connect.
  • When you connect the AirTag, it will play a sound when you click on the Play Sound button.
  • If it says turn the light on, you can click on the torch on the tab.

Those who cannot see the find button can do this to find it.

  1. From the Settings option, you have to visit the Privacy and Settings tab.
  2. Move to the location services, and then scroll down and click on the Find My option.
  3. Choose Never, Ask Next Time, or when I share or while using the app tab. To get the most accurate location, check on the precise location tab.

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Now, you know how to use it go to the Find my app option. Click on the AirTag option and now you can see it on your map. You must choose the AirTag which you want to check the directions and then check the Airtags in the map for directions.

Now that you know they are quite cheap and also have an idea of how you can navigate through them, you can get it for yourself easily.

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