Major Threads Update: Follows Tab, Translations, and More!

Meta is making huge changes. It is just not making changes in Instagram but is also bringing new things. One of them being Threads gets big update which is the new social network endeavour.

Threads get big update and it’s just two weeks now. Threads are the new micro blogging social network site. Though the version 1 seems to be pretty strong and solid, yet a lot of features is absent from Threads that users are continuously asking for.

You will get two new features with Threads which includes a built-in translation and a new Follows tab. This Follows tab is added newly to the activity feed. Going forth you will be able to see which accounts have followed you and you can follow them back as well.

There are a lot other enhancements which have been tried with Threads.

  1. Even if you don’t follow an account, you can enable its notification section.
  2. Enhance the way you scroll your feeds.
  3. Use your followers list to follow accounts
  4. Fix bugs
  5. It has a small binary size.

After installing the latest Thread version, you won’t unfortunately be able to see all of these features. All the new features will be available to people after the server side is rolled out. With an iPhone having iOS 14 installed, you will be able to roll out the Threads for free from the app store.

Threads will not work with Silicon Mac and neither with any of the iPad versions.

However, there are some criticisms making their way when it comes to what Thread can do.

People don’t understand why it just promotes one feed on the home page.

It also depicts posts from people you follow and don’t follow.

Latest update will not allow followers only feed on your home page. But Adam Moresi says it is in queue already.

Translation button will be available on the right corner side of the post. When you tap it, it will help translate your post. They will use the same AI-powered translations and it is the same one that Instagram is using now.

Within five days of launch, Meta has more than 100 million sign ups. It has caught everyone’s attention and even Elon Musk, the Twitter head. He accused Meta of cheating and threatens with a legal action pursuance. We are yet to see how or what Threads can move upto. We need to understand what is it that Threads can provide its viewers and others looking forward to a rise and change.

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