Instagram Enhances Reel Creation with New Templates

We all try to do a lot with Instagram, starting from using it for our personal needs and also for advertising. Mostly till now, Instagram allowed only photos and certain videos. Reels made things easier. Now they are trying to help create improved engaging reels.

Engaging reels is what you always want to create and would be excited about. With these new updates that Instagram is bringing forth, you can go ahead and create reels that can engage your audience nonetheless.

With the new template browser that Instagram is planning to roll out, you will have more options to explore. Here is what you might be capable of doing with Instagram reels going forth. Most importantly, how you do it will matter the most.

  1. Browse the templates as per the latest trends and recommendations that you set.
  2. These templates are arranged according to different categories.
  3. With these templates, you can create a reel reshaping and reusing elements from other reels that you have loved.
  4. You will also be allowed to drop in your reels, videos, and photos to it.
  5. Where can you find the new template browser? You must tap on the Create tab from your Instagram Home page. Choose the reel option next. From the lower left corner, click on the image gallery and then click on the Templates.
  6. The audio, templates, AR effects, number, and duration of clips are what will be automatically added to your reels.

The past update lets you download reels posted by other people and this was one month before the introduction of the new feature.

How do you download reels from Instagram?

  1. Go to their camera rolls and then press on the download option.
  2. You can also share it with a share icon and after it, you can also download the same reel
  3. The reels can for now be downloaded only by the US mobile users.

It is essential to note that those users whose accounts are set in public mode can go ahead and block people from downloading their reels if they want not to. You will also be able to add texts and also transitions in the coming times. Adding or removing clips, adjusting the individual clip timings, and making them more fun is what Instagram will target with the reels shortly. Read the details from here about Instagram and understand more about what you can do with reels from this post.

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