Enhancing Instagram: AR Effects, Trending, and Templates Revamped

Everything around us is becoming friendlier and easier to deal with. If you are an avid Instagram user, won’t it be better if you can find it more appealing for your needs? This year, we are coming across different Instagram changes that are being brought forth for the users. Some of these changes seem to be just the way we wished to see Instagram always. But what are these changes that people are so excited to imbibe in their lives? It’s all about the way you would be using reels going forth.

The Instagram head in Meta, Adam Mosseri announced that the company is trying to make reels even better.

Instagram Templates

But what are they doing to make it better? Apart from everything else, Meta is working on Instagram reels to integrate text, transitions, and Augmented Reality (AR) effects, apart from improving clips and music sections. They are also redesigning and remodeling the entire template browser to make it more appealing for the end users.

What Mosseri argues for this fresh inception of new and different easy approaches when creating a reel is that there is an artist in everyone? Not just professionals and serious at art people can do something out of these reels but rather, even ordinary people can create what they want to in no time.

He further adds that we all need a bit of inspiration when trying to create something and Instagram would easily be the one platform where people would want to spend more time when making reels. Revamping the template browser is what would put an end to the old way of using them.

Template 2 as they call it will allow users to post videos within 15 minutes. Templates will give way to the short form, of Tik Tok’s portrait format and are similar to YouTube shorts as well.

Remember what all you can do with Instagram reels going forth;

  • Add AR effects to your reels
  • Use texts to decorate your IG reels
  • Utilize transitions
  • Use the number of clips and music you can add up

What can you do to make the Instagram Templates changes?

  • Visit the Create option and then go to the Reel segment.
  • From the bottom left corner, click on the image icon.
  • Now next, click on the Templates option available in the top right corner
  • Select the template you like most, and add clips and images.
  • Your reel is all set to be posted.

But all this with Instagram Templates will take a while to come to the end users. For now, you must be aware of what changes are going to take over Instagram shortly.

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