Airtel’s Xstream AirFiber 5G: Create 5G Hotspot at Home and Office!

JioAirFiber recently announced a home internet package for the 5G network. With its help, you no longer need to run a cable through your home. Airtel would bring Airtel Xstream AirFiber 5G. Even though we write about it, there is no official announcement about it.

The only source from which it has been deduced that Airtel would bring such a device is just from the coming of the Android app that is posted early on Google Playstore.

You will get a Wi-Fi (ax) 6.0 router which will be the primary device for Xstream Airtel 5G.

There is a way to set it up and the steps involved in the process are;

  • Get to a perfect spot within your house where you can get a good signal strength.
  • At the bottom of the device, insert a SIM card, and next power the device up.
  • Using the app’s AR function, you can choose the best spot where you can get an optimum signal strength.
  • The router will operate on 4G but will function better for 5G. It is said the app will have a lower latency and a higher bandwidth.
  • The device comes with several Ethernet ports that run at the back of the device. Use all of the ports together to wire that many devices if you like.

Most people were trying to assess how they can set up the 5G connection. Using this particular device, you can comfortably set it up.

The price scheme is already revealed and it shows that anyone with a 6-month subscription will need to pay ₹2,994 for 100 Mbps speed. It will amount to Rs.499 per month. The 5G router price will be ₹6,000.

But this is not the only deal Airtel might have to offer. There might be many other deals that you might be able to trace out. All are right now waiting for the official announcement to come out. The app is right now not available and has been pulled down.

They also have an Airtel Xstream Fiber or wired connection will cost Rs.499 a month for a 40 Mbps speed. These will come with a free Wi-Fi router. They also have internet and TV deals. The Airfiber however, will provide people with higher speeds at the same prices and far less hassle-free installation processes.

If we are to estimate how many people rely on Airtel for their internet services, then we need to understand as on 30th April 2023, there were a recorded 850.94 Million broadband subscribers. Bharti Airtel brand subscribers account for 244.37 million wired subscribers and 6.25 million wireless broadband subscribers.

When this Xstream AirFiber 5G device comes to the market, imagine the kind of impact it might create around you. While you wait for it, don’t forget to gather information about this amazing app.

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