Exactly When Apple Will Launch iPhone 15 And iPhone 15 Pro

Apple is always due for a release every year. Like every year, this year seems to be no different, now that we all have walked past COVID-19 which means Apple’s schedules are in line. The company also hasn’t announced anything like they are running behind schedule or so.

If this is considered to be constant when do you think Apple will announce its new releases?

Like every year, the releases will pour in September, their usually favorite month when you get to see them either doing a live announcement or following a hybrid model. Except for 2020 with over pouring COVID situation, things were different even for the company.

When will they make the Apple iOS announcements?

To remind you of Apple, they have never been behind schedule and each year, all their announcements are made in September. This year as the anticipation grows higher, people wait to know more about the the launch of iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro with iPhone Pro Max. They might also put forth two iPads and also two Apple watches.

So far as the dates are concerned, it could either be the 5th of September or the 12th of September, given they always go for the first two weeks of September. But here is a catch, which is that this year Labors Day is on September 4th. Yes, why only September 5th and 12th since these are the only two dates which fall on a Tuesday? They always announce their products on Tuesdays until and unless extremely necessary when they might push it to a Wednesday that too, only on rare occasions.

They also always roll out their products on Fridays. If they are to avoid the 5th of September as the 4th of September is a holiday, they may push it to the 12th of September and given that, their launch of iPhone 15 products might hit the market on the 22nd of September 2023.

With the hybrid model of release where they don’t fly any guests in, instead, they set up a big screen to live telecast the releases, they may also attempt 5th September. In case they set the date as 5th September, they would roll out their products on 15th of September. Usually, there is an 11-day gap between the products hitting the retail stores and the announcements. The announcement will be done at 10 AM Pacific time. 

The final decision rests with Apple and unless they confirm, we have to wait to see which date they choose for themselves.

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