Unlock Your iPhone’s Full Potential With 5 Unknown Tips

Using the iPhone is a different experience and with every new model, there is a need to spend some time with it. But not all of us are pros in handling an iPhone. Most of us don’t know how to use the phone to its best potential. What to do if you want to use your iPhone like a pro? Well, learn some handy tricks and tips to improve your user experience with your phone. To be able to do that, you need to closely follow the tips mentioned below. These hacks can surely be a pleasant surprise for those who struggle to use the phone in the right way.

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5 Handy Hacks that can improve your iPhone’s usability better

Here are the five most indispensable iPhone hacks you can use to get a better level of experience with it.

  • Video recording hack

Those with an iPhone 11 can now be in photo mode and yet record videos easily. You can do it by pressing a holding the shutter tab. Hold it to record your video and release it to complete taking your video. If you want to try a hands-free recording, start by sliding the shutter button to the right. In this way, you can do an amazingly fast video recording.

  • Speed dial hack

To speed dial your friends and family, here is what you can do.

  • First, use the shortcut app and then add an action.
  • Next, choose a contact from your phone using the call category.
  • For easier access, add it to your home screen.
  • Use the calculator faster

Calculators pose a problem when we try to delete something we already added and it turns out to be wrong. Not anymore with an iPhone model newer than or equal to 11. You can simply swipe left or right to remove a wrongly typed number instead of tapping them one by one to remove them.

  • Hidden trackpad

To get to your trackpad, long press your space bar. It will allow the transformation of the keyboard to a trackpad and then navigate easily through your written texts. If you tap the trackpad with another finger, you can enable easy text selection through it.

  • Try creating text replacements

If there are some texts, you are ending up typing again and again; here is what you can do if you have an iPhone. 

  • From the Settings option on your iPhone navigate to the General tab, and then visit the keyboard option.
  • Go for a text replacement tab, now click on the (+) sign and type your most frequently used phrases.
  • Next, add a shortcut like btw for a sentence that states to someone you are in between an important deal.
  • Create a series of emojis by typing a letter combination together.

Try these tricks to find out how well they help increase your user experience with your iPhone.

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