Now use Venmo payment method for new Xbox games

Venmo, a common payment platform in the US has joined hands with Microsoft and Xbox recently. With Venmo in, you can now pay using it while purchasing anything from the Xbox store, Microsoft confirmed. If you want to know more, using it to get your new Xbox subscription pass is also possible.

After PayPal that’s long been there, for almost 16 years with Microsoft, Xbox now has Venmo for support. Using Venmo for payments is part of the bigger agreement between PayPal and Microsoft where Microsoft would allow users to use PayPal’s pay later option going forth.

With Venmo availability, you can split your payment between Venmo and Microsoft Credit.

Where would the pay-later implementation happen?

It would happen in the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Spain, Italy.

They would soon be capable of using Venmo in the main Microsoft store in the US very soon.

Venmo is already a payment option for many online stores. Venmo’s inclusion into Microsoft comes a few months after it got incepted with Amazon last October.

Venmo is a money-sending and receiving device that grew side by side with other ones like the Cash app and PayPal. But off late Venmo is expanding diametrically and encompassing a lot of opportunities.

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What can you download using Venmo as a payment option?

xbox games

You can pay Venmo for Xbox games, you can pay for and download movies, games, TV, shows, and apps.

When making payments with Venmo for XBox Games, users will have two options- purchasing subscriptions and splitting the payments upon purchase.

Alongside, even with PayPal’s Pay Later option, customers can pay their bills evenly across several weeks and months.

When unveiling the news, Microsoft announced that their prime goal is achieving customer satisfaction in everything they do including entertainment or even productivity. With the new provision, buying Xbox consoles, Surface laptops, and even Microsoft 365 products will become easier for Venmo users. Many users prefer sticking to a particular app for making all sorts of payments.

Those who used only Venmo had a tough time when they had to purchase something from Microsoft as they had to use other payment options. Now with Venmo included, a large section of society that relies on Venmo for making all payments will also start using Microsoft for purchases they earlier did from somewhere else.

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