Protect Your Privacy: WhatsApp Unveils Game-Changing Feature to Conceal Your Phone Number

With Whatsapp, there are a whole lot of new features that are becoming available currently. Those who are aware of the other feature Whatsapp provides its users or are testing currently to check how successfully the features can be installed must know even about this one.

While testing the better video sending option and the option to connect to Whatsapp web, using just the phone number, Whatsapp is up for beta testing a new feature. Now, this feature here is not to improve user interface experience but to improve users’ privacy related concerns.

What is the new hide my phone number feature for Whatsapp users?

Most of us when joining a new group feel odd to expose our phone numbers to strangers who are already a part of the group or will be a part of the group. Noone here is such who has never faced the fear of losing their privacy through such apps and arrangements.

Knowing and understanding this sort of ingrained vulnerable feeling that humans tend to suffer from, Whatsapp brings in a feature using which users can hide their phone numbers from the other members of the group except for the group admin.

Anonymity is what most of us prefer unless we are confident the members within a group are safe to mingle with. Groups will hereon have a new option called phone number privacy. Once you choose this option, you will get to see a message box wherein you will be holding your phone number from some people but at the same time, some other people will know about it.

Additionally, it is not that you can never share the phone number with anybody but you can send a request to anybody to share their contact details if they have opted for the phone number privacy option.

All you have to do is download the new current version of Whatsapp which contains the phone number privacy feature. The feature’s addition will help us understand its quality better.

Summing it all up!

Once you are able to download the hide their phone numbers feature, you will be able to anonymously surf through different groups. Privacy is one of the most essential needs of humans today. Another point, you need to remember is that this feature is applicable only for groups. The feature will not work for one-on-one Whatsapp calling and chatting. It means if you are talking to one person you will not be able to use this feature. In this way, you can easily make things work for you while you judge if the group works for you and this all can be achieved without compromising on your privacy.

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