Allo: A Mindful Finance App for Positive Habits

With the help of the Allo app, one can create positive financial habits without getting too overwhelmed by the different numbers and expenditure patterns. Creating a mindful money habit is what the Allo app can teach you. People can approach their earnings, income, expenditure, savings, and investment differently going forth.

The Allo app was set up in 2021 by Will Choi and Paul Montoy-Wilson and with it; people are being taught finances differently. It just does not talk about the numbers but also considers your values and priorities whenever you spend money. Allo helps find out how essential it is for you to spend the amount of money. It can also tell you what you can do with the money you plan to save.

 The duo who founded the money app previously headed the Aviate was acquired 2014 by TechCrunch and its parent company Yahoo in 2014. With all the experience they had, the duo jumped toward creating a more meaningful financial app.

General budgeting apps focus only on bills, insurance, and transportation. But with Allo, you will find a space for even nature, family, giving, exercising and its importance, and also towards healthy eating.

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Checking in with the app has also been made easy and each person can choose a schedule according to their needs. You can check for a daily, weekly, or monthly check-in using the app.

According to Montoy-Wilson, many budgeting apps work for many people and if there is a budgeting app they love, then definitely their company does not want to steal people away from it. But according to him, many of these apps don’t work for many people. Each of these financial apps makes one feel guilty.

How do you start using Allo app?

  • To start using it, you will need to take the introductory course with Allo.
  • People need to learn to feel grateful, peaceful, and happy about their expenses.
  • With the app, you will need to set some focusing points like health, exercise, kids, and other such priorities.
  • Next, you must set up a check-in.
  • The app will ask you to list out things you’d appreciate having in your life.
  • Next, they will ask you to consider those purchases that didn’t make you happy in the best possible way.

It could be that you loved buying a piece of jewelry or you loved taking a small trip with your family.

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On the other hand, you may not have liked extending a subscription you forgot to cancel. Once you figure out the pain points and also identify where you don’t want to spend, you can automatically start cutting down on these expenditures thereby stabilizing yourself monetarily much more than what you did previously.

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