WhatsApp’s New Feature: Messaging Unsaved Contacts Made Easy

Do you know how many users Whatsapp hosts every day? More than a billion users come and use the Whatsapp platform day in and day out. In such scenarios, what is the one thing you desire the most? Most of us desire we could directly message someone without having to save their numbers. Are you on the same page now that you know what we all desire and what could be it that you too desire?

What if we can tell you that Whatsapp is bringing changes soon which will allow you to message anyone and everyone? Would you not feel excited enough to read what or how it can be done? Go through the below write-up to understand it and start doing it as soon as you can.

As complex as it is to save a number when in urgency, you need to understand messaging someone without having to save the number is going to be as simple as it sounds.

How do you message unsaved contacts

Simply type the number in the Whatsapp search bar and then click on the Chat button that appears as soon as you type a valid number. Tap it and begin conversing with the person.

Not sure what you might feel about it but then it’s a lot easier now. Previously you would have to open Whatsapp, click on the new contact tab, then save the number with the name in your phonebook. Post doing so, you will need to open Whatsapp and then find the number by either scrolling through them or by typing the name in the search bar.

People who needed to use Whatsapp for emergency uses won’t want to tackle all these nitty gritty. But now, after Whatsapp brings out this option, it will become a lot easier to use Whatsapp. Surely, this would be a step towards improving the user interface largely.

According to sources like WABetaInfo, the feature is already present in the new Whatsapp build for iPhones and Androids.

Next, that is to come from the meta-owned messaging service is the use of the @username option. With it, you don’t even have to know anyone’s phone number to chat with them and all you need to do is know the name with which the person exists on Whatsapp and you can chat with the person effortlessly.

For now, even message unsaved contacts can bring a big relief for everyone, who suffers inscrutably to save every number.

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