iPhone 15 & 15 Pro Displays: Exciting Rumored Upgrades!

Updates and new features are thronging different apps, social media sites, and even devices and phones. The iPhone 15 is scheduled to hit the market this fall somewhere between September to October. Apple is slowly trying to stuff different features on the iPhone screen. What are these features that are taking shape and those that can influence and impress people upfront?

Major iPhone 15 changes taking place are in the display-related segment

Let’s find out more about the changes from here.

  1. Display-related changes in the Apple iPhone series
  • You can get the models in two sizes- 6.2 inch vanilla and Pro model. There is also the 6.7 inch Plus and the Pro Max model.
  • Screens will be OLED variety with resolutions ranging from 1170 x 2532 for iPhone 15, 1284 x 2778 in case of iPhone 15 Plus, 1179 x 2556 for the Pro model and 1290 x 2796 for the Pro Max model.
  • Refresh rate will remain at 120 Hz for the Pro models and 60 Hz for the standard models in use. Some have confirmed there will be no basic iPhone 120 Hz display until 2025.
  • With the Pro model, you can get the always on display where you can have certain items always-on visible on your screen.

2. Bezel-related display changes

  • The iPhone 15 screens will become thinner. You will have a 1.5 mm bezel, a relatively slim one.
  • It will either have a smaller frame or a bit more display on the same phone.

3. Brightness related to displays

Brightness could go upto 2500 nits for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

They are also introducing a new driver chip which will help run the display efficiently even at that level of brightness.

4. Dynamic Island will be the new iPhone 15 display feature

Dynamic Island is the new extra display feature that is going to replace the Face ID notch.  It would bring in a little bit more display space at the screen top and help with the shrinking or expansion of the size of a widget.

5. You can get external display support with it

The external display could improve with the app.

Apart from it, you can get access to USB-C ports hereon. They will also offer Thunderbolt-3 compatibility. With it, you can connect your phone to a monitor or TV. Even though you can do all these things, you can’t still cast on the Airplay option.

So much on offer! Wouldn’t you be excited about it? Wait for the iPhone 15 pro and once you get to see it, go grab it if you find it irresistible.

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