Ubisoft to Close “Inactive” Accounts, Blocking Access to Purchased Games

Many mail formats have been shared by end users claiming Ubisoft is sending them mail for keeping their accounts active. Different mail versions have surfaced on the internet where it shows how Ubisoft is going behind all inactive accounts to confirm their accounts remain active.

Most users were not sure how long the account could be inactive before which Ubisoft would send them a mail. Some said it should be unused for four years to ensure you got a mail from them. But to date, it has not been confirmed by anyone as to how long the accounts need to be inactive.

Verbiages surfacing from Ubisoft’s inactive account mail

Some verbiage sentences which people noted and quoted as having been sent to them include;

  • They want to chime in that to avoid account closure you’d need to log into the account within 30 days from the receipt of the mail. To prevent it, you’d need to click on the cancel account closure link to go on.
  • A Twitter user called @PC_enjoyer shares their email which begins by stating that they have not noticed any kind of activity with the Ubisoft account associated with the email ID (your email ID). The email further reads that if the person does not click on the cancel account closure link they would go ahead and close the account within 30 days from the receipt of the mail.

They further state, if people don’t want to lose their account, and are facing difficulties logging in, they can contact Ubisoft’s customer support and also urges people to create a support case with them.

Final context for Ubisoft closing inactive accounts…

For players having themselves on multiple platforms can be a difficult affair. They need to check the terms and conditions first to understand each of such rules of account closure. Most people need to come back to the site regularly as they need to ensure their bought assets on the site are not lost.

It is not known how often you need to log in to the Ubisoft account to prevent it from being tagged as inactive. 

However, certain situations deem the safety and security of the account. Under such circumstances, Ubisoft can close your account. 

With this ongoing uproar, Ubisoft is yet to come back with an answer. But, they have confirmed they would not close their accounts unless they have not been active in 4 years.

Keep track of Ubisoft’s reply to the fact stating Ubisoft closing inactive accounts and understand their exquisite need to understand what you should do with your account.

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