Alert: Google Urges 1.8B Gmail Users to Adopt Enhanced Safe Browsing

Gmail’s privacy was second to none but off late, Gmail is pushing its users towards a new feature called the Enhanced safe browsing option. It is due to a bug that Google has found with their email services that they are asking people to switch to it on all devices- iOS, and Android users alike their web users.

Gmail is also the most widely used email service in the world. Starting from businesses to individuals, every single one of us has at least one Gmail account. If you too have one, you need to ensure you have made the right choice for yourself. You must know Google has almost 1.8 billion users so far and has issued a warning for gmail users.

Also if you think you would like to know about the bug that haunts Google itself, you should request materials for the same or go to the sites that have appropriate details about it. Why not make sure if the threat is real and if it is, then how bad it is, and what harm can it bring to you?

The Enhanced Safe Browsing option is not an unreasonable approach given this service is already in use since 2007. It helps users get first-hand information on malware or phishing sites if they tend to visit one.

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why a warning for gmail users is issued

There are two different problems why a warning for gmail users is issued.

  1. The first problem is that you keep getting the notification even if you click on the No Thanks tab.
  2. Chrome and Gmail will share URLs with Google to understand if it is malicious malware or freeware.

But according to Google’s rationale, they are doing this to protect users so that if malicious software is being pushed towards you, Google can notify you about it. They also stated that after a time Safe Browsing will anonymize this data which will no longer connect to your account.

But despite all these promises, users are still skeptical about it. Also, Google must highlight these details for users and that should be done before enabling this feature.

Those who have already done it according to Google’s prompts and if ever you share the doubt many do, you might want to reverse it. Google is not making it mandatory but they are warning people of the bug and are also urging people to stay safe. According to them, they don’t want people’s data to lie loose for others to scourge and scavenge upon.

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However, if some of you out there regret turning it on, you can always reverse it and Google wouldn’t barge into that.

Here are the steps;

  1. Visit your Google account to start with.
  2. Now move to the security option and then visit the Enhanced safe browsing option.
  3. Go to the Manage Enhanced Safe Browsing option.

Google users need to carefully gauge their circumstances, read the warning for gmail users issuance and need to address all necessary security leaks if they don’t want Google to get data from their emails.

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