Aadhaar-PAN Link Last Date Extension: Deadline not extended

The government’s mandate to link PAN and Aadhar ended on June 30, 2023. With the government unwilling to extend the timelines, it was a mandatory step. The last date has been extended several times upto now. The government has not released anything in the Press about not extending the timelines beyond 30th June of this year.

If you are wondering what will happen if you don’t link the PAN and Aadhar, you must be ready to understand that your PAN card will stop working hereon. Most of us know what happens when the PAN becomes inoperative.

You won’t be able to access many kinds of services that mandatorily require quoting the PAN number. Also, sadly, if you have not filed the ITR, you can no longer do it without linking your PAN with your Aadhar card.

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Aadhar-PAN link not done; PAN inoperative?

The PAN card becoming inoperative does not mean you won’t be able to make it operational again. You can do so by paying a fine of Rs. 1000. The same was confirmed by CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes). The notification was issued on 28th March 2023. According to them, the PAN can become operational again within 30 days time. If someone requests PAN activation on 25th July, it will become operational again by 24th of August.

You now know that the PAN becomes operative in 30 days time.

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Where do you pay the penalty in this case?

All of it is available online and doing it online is extremely possible. Here’s how you can do it;

  • You will need to login to your online account, and visit the profile segment.
  • Go to the Link PAN with the Aadhar option.
  • After entering essential details like your Aadhar number and other related information, click on the Link tab.
  • This process will route you to the epay tax segment where you need to make a payment of Rs.1000.
  • While making the payment, do note that you have not kept the default other payments option rather have changed it to the penalty payment option.
  •  Make the payment and you would have successfully requested the PAN activation.

Surely, you must know what will happen if the PAN becomes or remains inoperative.

But to stress the facts further, here’s what you will lose if you do not get your Aadhar-PAN link.

  • Filing ITR will not be possible.
  • TCS deductions will be done at higher amounts.
  • Refunds for such PANs will not be made if linking is not done and your PAN is inactive.
  • No interest will be payable during the period when the PAN remains inoperative.

If you were abroad or didn’t have time enough to link your PAN with your Aadhar and that you realize your PAN is inactive, you can read this to understand how to get back your PAN, you might have to pay a fine to reinstate your PAN provisions. Also, the government is not willing to provide any more extensions for your Aadhar-PAN link.

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