Satyaprem Ki Katha box office collection Day 2

Satyaprem ki Katha after its release stuck all eyes at the box office when the movie noted a dip to Rs. 2.25 crore on Day 2 after its massive collection of Rs.8.50 crore on the day of the film’s opening at the box office. This romantic comedy is burning all hearts and winning them in the process.

But on Friday, it again picked up speed as it collected 7-8 lakhs on the day. According to movie moguls and pundits, the movie would be picking up speed on the weekend.

The hit pair of Kartik Aryan and Kiara Advani is on their way to deliver their second hit film together. Their first movie, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is already a blockbuster hit.

Satyaprem Ki Katha

The audience again loves the pair together and is surely crowding cinema halls and movie theatres largely.

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For its first Friday, the film earned Rs. 6.25 crores and stood at position six in terms of the highest 2023 opening day collection. Most people owe its big opening day collection to the Eid holiday. If it featured on a regular working day, the film would amass just a bit around Rs.6 crore according to current predictions by movie experts.

Also, people see it growing in the coming week as there will be no upcoming releases lined up.

But some say, chances are that Hollywood releases like the much-awaited and anticipated movies Oppenheimer, Barbie and Mission Impossible 7 will eat up its profits.

Region-wise, Gujarat, and Saurashtra should bring traction to the movie due to the regional pull of it. However, it might not work for a mature audience given it’s just a romcom and most people would like to go for a more serious movie.

The story revolves around the story of a good-for-nothing 30+ guy in love with the daughter of a rich businessman. His story upturns when one day the girl’s parents come for the guy and ask him for their daughter’s hand.

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The story primarily revolves around making Katha (the heroine of the story) fall in love with him and in doing so discovers his destiny and journey towards becoming a worthy husband.

With a total of Rs.16 crores, Satyaprem Ki Katha is all set to make hearts melt for those who are in love with rom-com. The box office collection matters for every film and so will it matter for this one. The coming days will determine its box office collection and in the same way, will make things clearer as to how much magic the film weaves in the audience’s mind.

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