750$ from cash app 23 com Scam or Legit? [Reviews]

Cash app is extremely popular in recent times and people seem to have benefitted from it. If people need to send money, cryptocurrencies or stocks, they can do so using this account.

They also have a business account as well as a personal account option. If you are a business, you can create an account for yourself.

Similar to the Cash app account, there are many fake sites that have come up alongside that promise to give you money without having to do anything. Some like Cash app 22.com are seemingly scam even though they promise a lot of money in exchange of a few complicated surveys.

Similar to Cash app 22.com is Cash app 23.com wherein people too are promised a lot of money, almost $750.

In the below article, we will try to find out more about the site’s legitimacy.

cash app 23 com Scam

Cash app 23.com Real or Fake?

Cash app 23.com is seeming to be faking the amount but there are definitely some people out there who are talking in its favor.

When checked there seemed to be a lot of issues around it.

  1. Getting redirected to the wrong site.
  2. Moving through wrong reroutes where you will be asked to download other apps

Cash app 23 com Scam or legit?

Cash app is scam mostly according to what goes around. Noone has ever retrieved anything from these sites that mostly get redirected to some other sites. There are more sites like it- Cash app 55, Cash app 33 and even Cash app 66.

 Once you complete the tasks, you will be told your amount and that it will come to your account in a few days’ time. But no one still got the money and thus, the claims seem to be fake at the moment even for this site.


They are not great even for this site too. People have found that the site does not yield at all with several fake schemes on board.

Can you get 750$ from cash app 23.com?

You will go through $750 from Cash app 23.com scam promises but they will not hold on as no money will ever transfer to your account. If you are planning to move on with your Cash app 22.com promises, you have to do so at your own risk.


Nothing seems to be proper for the Cash app 23.com site and if you want to go for it, that is a risk you have to take on your own.

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