WhatsApp Now Supports Landscape Mode for iOS Video Calls

The common messaging application is bringing in a slew of different features. Whatsapp hasn’t stopped rolling out new enabled features and is continuing to upload from one to another. These new features are right now being planned to be rolled out primarily for iOS users.

Several features have come up but the one attracting attention the most is the availability of taking calls in the landscape mode. From now on, one can take video calls also in the landscape mode and that is the talk of the town.

The group of different Whatsapp features includes the following;

  • Providence of making calls in the landscape mode is possible with Whatsapp. Users can have a better experience when using the landscape mode. According to Whatsapp, it is the most demanded feature in demand currently available.
  • Apart from being able to use the landscape mode, you can now also use the silence unknown caller option. If you want to make the calls quiet, you will need to go to the Settings tab, and from there move to the privacy and then the calls option. With the help of this feature, you can prevent spam and unpleasant calls.
  • Next, a feature that works for the app is the chat transfer option when you are changing to a new device. To transfer chats, you will need to the settings option and then visit the chats option, and from there move to the transfer chats option for iPhone.
  • They have revamped the sticker tray to improve the navigation rate. With it, you have more options for users when it comes to avatars for help in the expression of their emotions easily.
  • Initiating group calls is also easy whereby almost 15 people can work together. With group calls, currently, 32 participants could be supported. But to initiate a group call, you could do it with only 7 people. But, now initiating a call is possible with at least 15 people.

According to the Meta group, you can expect these features to hit your phone in the following weeks. Featuring translucent bars is possible with the facilities of the tab bar and navigation bar on iOS.

If you are all excited about the availability of the landscape mode feature on Whatsapp then you must download the next version of iOS immediately on your phone as soon as it becomes available for all iOS users.

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