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What is Whatsapp doing to show you their participation? They are bringing in a whole lot of different features and each feature stands out to promise increased user ease. If you are one of those who are using Whatsapp throughout the day, read on to know what you can do with your videos now. We are just not using Whatsapp for messaging but also for sending photos, videos, and specially designed videos, you might want to have a look at it.

Now, you will have the support for the HD video, to present your videos in high definition, unlike previous times. The feature rolled out soon after they rolled out the high-resolution image feature. The current Whatsapp update for Android, rolled out this feature for users on Thursday last week. There is a button and when you toggle it, you will be able to send videos in 720p resolution instead of their standard 480p resolution.

The primary reason for rolling out HD-quality videos is to prevent videos from taking up a lot of space. Use the below steps to create an HD-quality video for yourself on Whatsapp.

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Steps to ensure support for HD video quality messaging option in Whatsapp

whastapp hd updates

Here’s what you must do to convert your normal 480p quality videos to HD 720p quality ones.

  • Click on the attachment tab to open the Gallery on your Whatsapp chat.
  • Choose the video you want to send across Whatsapp and then click on done or the + tab to add it to your Whatsapp dialog box.
  • Look through the different options that indicate sticker, text, drawing icons, and tab, and then find out the HD quality option.
  • Once you have made edits to the video click on the send button from the bottom right corner to move it across.

However, right now these are the two options available to users in terms of resolution of videos- 480p and 720p. There is nothing higher than that as of now. On the other hand, users have the option to download the video either in SD (480p) or HD (720p) quality whichever they choose. 

The next thing, Whatsapp promises its viewers are that they can send videos and forget worrying about their safety. Each of these messages will be end-to-end encrypted which means no one other than you and the receiver can open this video message.

Do you need to send videos every day to your clients or office workers? Whatsapp has already made it easier for you going forward.

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