Twitter’s Rebranding: Elon Musk’s X Corp Takes Over on App Stores

We all are aware of the recent changes happening with Twitter. Elon Musk’s X Corp brought it. It was followed by a layover, then changes in name and branding followed. With the Twitter bird being thrown off the cage, X has taken over. Google Playstore was already hosting Twitter and also hoisted X in its place. Apple too hosted the new app but the name change in Apple was not happening easily.

Now, the name X reflects appropriately on the Apple appstore and Apple seems to have made an exception for Musk’s X. There was another X app on Apple which recently got renamed to Note. This app also had another invisible character however, its name got changed to Note whereas Twitter’s new name live (known as X). The description of the app says they are not affiliated with Twitter/X and also states soon their app will have a new name.

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People are also curious to understand if they changed their name on their own accord to avoid any kind of hitch with X Corp. It is also not known if X Corp has filed litigation for them to change the name.

The rebranding happened on a Sunday when Elon Musk’s post (tweets have become posts) where asked for people’s opinions to suggest if they wanted the logo in black or blue. Again on Tuesday, the rebranding got completed and X was visible all over except the Apple appstore and now Twitter’s new name live can be seen easily.

Why did the rebranding not happen on the appstore immediately?

The rebranding did not happen immediately due to Apple’s restrictions on the number of characters one can use in a name. Unicode characters are prohibited and yet, Apple made an exception where they circumvented this restriction for the X Corp.

The tagline for Twitter is no longer what it was earlier. It has changed during this phase where it is now known as ‘Blaze Your Glory’ and earlier, it read, ‘Let’s Talk.’

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Noone to date knows what ‘Blaze Your Glory’ would mean except that it had earlier occurred in one of Musk’s posts and it wasn’t clear why one would use it here as an adage. People are split between X and Twitter and some are even changing the name of the app back to Twitter. There are very few who are fine with the name change and are not changing the name right now. The app is making waves and the X app is one of the most evolutionary ones right now. Stay tuned to understand better what is happening with the app next.

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