Adaptable Layouts: Our Top Keyboard App for Any Screen Size

If you want to know which is the best keyboard app for you? We would suggest the Gboard app. Android manufacturers choose it by default. But then they manufacture different screen sizes and shapes? They might also need different kinds of keyboard sizes surely. Thus, keyboards of different shapes and sizes are also gaining importance ever since.

If you have noted the Gboard’s new default split layout on the Samsung Galaxy Fold series, you must know even Gboard is inventing newer options to survive. Also, now Gboard is testing a newer option. They are going to introduce adaptable layouts for people to experiment with.

With the help of your favorite keyboard app, you can have complete control of the size and position of the keyboard. 

  • It means you can increase or decrease its size and also change its position from one place to another. 
  • The best part is, you can change the position and size irrespective of your screen size which means it does not any longer depend on your screen size anymore.
  • The one-handed mode will help simplify typing and now you can do it using just your hand and all you will need is your thumb to do it. 
  • Apart from it, there is another new option waiting for you to explore with Gboards and that is called Shape or Resize.

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What would Shape/Resize do for you? 

With Shape or Resize, you can alter the vertical height of the keyboard. You can do it by dragging the edges up and down. From the 7-stage height adjustment feature that was earlier present, this feature has gone one step up.

Earlier there were elaborate steps around it. 

  • These include moving to Gboard settings
  • Then moving through the preferences option, 
  • Next, you must choose the keyboard height and even width  
  • Now, with this new option, you can not only change the height but you can also alter the width uniformly.
  • Not only can you adjust the width and height, you can move the space bar up and adjust it as per your comfort.

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This is, however, a beta feature for your favorite keyboard app and is subject to a lot of modifications even now.

Another option called the Floating option helps reposition the Gboard.

Granular size adjustments and keyboard location absence control you.

Right now width and height-wise phone sizes are compact, medium, or expanded. In ChromeOS, Android apps can appear in free-form windows which are resizable.

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