Elon Musk Unveils the New X Logo as Twitter’s Blue Bird

Does X stand for Musk’s Space X and can we tweet our friends on Earth from Mars? Numerous ongoing speculations are underway when Musk announced changing Twitter’s blue bird logo with the X logo. Many have almost grown up with the Twitter logo and a sudden change and its announcement came as an unsettling surprise for many.

The rebranding of Twitter is an ongoing process as we are currently aware of. Twitter was bought by Musk for 44 billion in 2021. His post came up on Sunday when Musk tweeted about the plans to change the logo and immediately on Monday, people using the Twitter desktop version noted the change from the tweety bird to the X sign. However, people could still notice the Twitter bird on their smartphones.

Linda Yaccarino unveiled a logo for social media and also shared a post of the X symbol in different offices in San Francisco.

What did Musk say now and earlier about X?

There was a poll alongwith Musk’s tweet where he asked his followers to vote if they wanted a blue or black background when changing the color. He stated also that the X logo was to serve as the interim logo and it would be soon that they would bid adieu to the Twitter brand as a company and also to all the birds.

When people inquired what would be the Tweets called when changing the brand from Twitter to X. To it he replied they would be called X’s. The previous blue bird Twitter logo was designed in 2012 by three experts. The Twitter logo was designed in a way so that it could be simple, legible even in the smallest sizes, and also followed the lowercase “e” pattern.

Musk has already informed he would create an app working around everything that would be called X in a span of 3 to 5 years.

He also supported his decision of favoring the letter X.

If you heard what he said then about X and what people are anticipating now, you’d realize people are referring to what he had said earlier and slightly extrapolating it.

According to Musk, X will be the future of unlimited interactions and activities associated with it. He said the platform would support audio messaging, video messaging, payments, banking, and ideas. It would be a wonderful marketplace where people can share their ideas, services, goods, and different opportunities.

Yaccarino took over Twitter on 5th June and is trying to reverse the advertising plunge that is created right now. Right after Musk took over; the company went through a lot of difficulties with layoffs, the dropping of advertisers, and the rise of Zuckerberg’s Threads.

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