How to USE the Goodrx App? Does it Cost Money?

The cost of drugs is the highest pay for essential products. The drug costs are higher in some places whereas they are not that high in others. Prescription drug costs fluctuate and change from one pharmacy to another. People with chronic diseases end up relying heavily on their medicines where the annual medicine cost is more than anything they spent their money on but what if you had a store that worked differently from the general retail stores?

Read more about the Goodrx app from this article. Is it something that can help you with your needs?

What is Goodrx app?

What happens when you download the GoodRx app from the appstore?

You can be guaranteed to get all your prescription drugs at the lowest price range. There are almost 70000 pharmacies which are connected to the Goodrx chain. This app brings forth discount vouchers which you can use at retail stores to buy your medicines. With the help of discount coupons, Americans can save upto 80% on their prescription drugs.

In addition to that, GoodRx also helps in providing prescriptions and also treatment for preventive medicines.

How to use Goodrx app?

If you want to know the way the GoodRx app works, read more about it here.

  1. The first step is to download the GoodRx app and once you get the app, register an account with them.
  2. To register, choose the type of medical service you are seeking and if it is consultation, you can even choose that.
  3. Tell a bit about your medical history and also answer more about your concurrent conditions and the related questions.
  4. Choose a doctor of your preference from the list present. Consult the list and then after choosing the doctor, schedule an appointment. You could do it over the phone, or choose to visit the clinic or the hospital where they practice.
  5. Once you have a medicine, consult the pharmacy where you could use the discount coupons.
  6. Next, sent the prescription to the pharmacy and then while picking up the medicines, show the discount coupon and get them at the reduced price.

How do I get the Goodrx app on my phone?

You can get the Goodrx app on your phone using either the Apple appstore or the Google Playstore. Google Playstore is for Android users and Apple appstore is for iOS users.

How does Goodrx app work?

You need to take their membership to get discounted coupons. But to check which pharmacy offers the best discounted price, you need not have an account with them.

  • Open the GoodRx app,
  • Put the name of the medicine, formulation or dosage form and the dose details in the given space.
  • Add your ZIP code information and then press on the lowest price tab.
  • Using the user’s location, the app gathers the details and gives you information regarding the generics, brand name, type of drug and all other details.

All of it can be done without creating an account for you.

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Does the Goodrx app cost money?

The GoodRx app generates coupons and the pharmacy deducts money as per the code mentioned in the coupon.

The app will cost people as there are several membership plans available with them. Also, people’s options will depend on the membership type they choose.

Their Goldcare plan offer provides over 1000 prescription orders with coupons at just $10, and doctor visits at $19.

They also have offers for conducting testing and screening facilities for themselves.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Goodrx app safe?

It is absolutely safe to use the GoodRx app and people can easily use the app to do their consultations and order medicines. Their details and health related issues are entirely safe in their hands as they don’t earn by selling patients’ data.

Is Goodrx app free?

No, it is not free and you have to pay them to get all their essential facilities. But if you pay $10, you can get a lot of medicines for a discounted price.


Here is what you might want to know about the GoodRx app before you start using it. Most of the time, people using the GoodRx app have found it to be useful and if you want to be sure about it, use it to know more.

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