Social Oasis App Scam: Is It Legit [Public Reviews]

Several apps allow people to earn. Using several platforms many people have learned to earn. Completing simple tasks can help people get paid. You can do well by answering offers, surveys, and even other simpler tasks.

Read more about the Social Oasis app which can allow one to earn up to $18 for signing up to the account and also for referring it to friends, family, and different co-workers.

What is social oasis app?

The Social Oasis app promises to work well for many. The app offers several ways in which a person can earn through it. Surveys are one way but you can also refer friends and earn bonus amounts, share engaging content across different social media platforms and earn through it, and also from playing games. This is a combo platform where you can just not earn from one kind of source but from different available ways with them.
The app promises instant payouts every month into your PayPal accounts. You have the option to encash your money through a lot of different ways apart from PayPal. That’s a plus with this Social Oasis app compared to others where people suffer from the availability of appropriate payout choices.
They also offer real cash which is way different from platforms where you earn just points which can be converted to gift coupons and so on.

How does it work?

Working of any particular app that promises money payments is almost similar.

The Social Oasis app states to contain one million users and they have to date received payments totaling more than $25 million. A person can earn upto $500 a day. For registering, you get a bonus of $50. For passing it forward to friends, you can get paid extra.

To date the social oasis app is not functional, hence people must use the website to earn money. Participating in games and other such jobs, like the survey and other games, you can get easy payments through PayPal and Venmo.

Even sharing games on social media can help you earn money.

One needs to visit their website link and start by choosing tasks they want to complete to earn money. Once they complete the task, they can get paid for completing the simple tasks.

Is social oasis app Legit?

Although when you click on the website link, it takes you to a site that does pay you for completing simple tasks like surveys and so on.

However, people cite several reasons for the site not being good enough to be completely a reliable means of payment.

  • The platform does not explicitly inform how one can earn money using it.
  • Some users have not been successful in extracting money from the platform.

No one has independently verified the user. Thus, being aware is the best foot to put forward when using such sites.

However, they have a widespread way of use. You can get paid even for the following;

  1. Liking posts can help you make money.
  2. By following other users on the app, people can make money.
  3. They can watch videos to make money.
  4. Referring people and earning through referrals is also a way to stay put.

Social oasis app Scam Reddit

The Social Oasis app reviews on Reddit show it is a complete scam.

  • One post says, if you cut & paste their user agreement on Chat GPT, you can immediately spot several errors.
  • People have questioned they did a payout in May but as per some, May had a 30-day wait period which means no one got paid in May.
  • No one has received any payment yet.

Read some of the Reddit reviews here.

Are people earning real money from Social Oasis?

According to some reviews on the site people are earning lots of money and so does the site say. But there are some reviews like those put on Reddit which do not show that people are earning from the site at all.


Learn more about what you can do with the Social Oasis app from here. Find out if the site works for you but gather as much information as much as possible to get from the site. If you do not read before you start using the site, you might get into trouble. If the site works for some then you need to know if it can work for you as well.

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