Exciting News: Xbox May Unveil New Forza Motorsport Controller Next Month

Highlighters for Xbox controller

  1. Microsoft is all set to launch an Xbox controller.
  2. It goes by the name Jemez and is officially known as the Stormcloud Vapor.
  3. The leaker hasn’t mentioned the exact date but a tentative one which says it could be released on 8th August.
  4. The controller release is probably being timed with the release of the new Forza Motorsports game.
  5. You might have to pay $69.99 equivalent to €69.99 for purchasing the new Forza Motorsport controller.
  6. Forza Motorsports is all set for an October 10 release and would be for Xbox Series S, Series X, and the PC.

What do you get from the controller that is supposed to be released for Forza Motorsports? Billbil-Kun, a data miner and insider, has leaked that the new Xbox controller StormCloud Vapor is all set to release. Mostly as per him, the release would happen earlier in the next month. It will be the sixth limited controller in line.

There are though no images to confirm the same. But the leaker’s information is almost always accurate and it can be safely believed. Noone is still clear if there are any new features that one would need to look for with the New Forza Motorsport controller. The person had also previously predicted the GTA Trilogy on Steam and also the Epic Games Store.

Additionally, there is some news about the Forza Motorsports career mode. Chris Esaki, creative director with Forza Motorsports declared cars are built in it and not bought. According to insiders, the game will launch on 10th October. It will also have a Cloud version that will be available for Xbox One Players.

What about the cost of the new Forza motorsport controller

The cost of the New Forza Motorsport controller is something people are trying to inquire about. According to the Dealabs user, the Xbox controller will have a price tag of $69.99. The price tag mirrors the price tag of other Xbox controllers released previously. However, the previous controller with last year’s Forza Horizon 5 shows a higher pricing that stood at $74.99. A price rise would mean it can cut pockets a bit more than usual ones.

But leave apart all anticipations and users till don’t know if it will be a new colorful way to go on or if it will be tied to a game ever. We are yet to see what awaits the release right now.

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