ChatGPT Goes Live on Android: Half a Million iOS Installs in Just One Week


  • There are already half a million installations on iOS devices within a week.
  • What you get to enjoy with the installation is instant answers, creative inspiration, and tailored tips.
  • Next week Android users can start using ChatGPT after it was introduced for iOS users in May.
  • It is available on Google Playstore post registration

ChatGPT created quite uproar when it launched in the market. Creating such an Ai platform is being marked as a landmark many are right now not able to reach. Its availability for iOS users opened many doors. People are looking up to it for every possible thing already.

They announced that next, the app will be available for Android users. Already the app is available for pre-registration in Google Playstore. It is estimated that it will launch in the US market next week as anticipated. Even in India, it is anticipated to be launched sooner. However, in other countries, they still have some time from when the app will launch there. But they do plan to expand it to other countries.

Open AI is planning to bring up a new feature called customized instructions. With the help of this feature, ChatGPT users can incorporate specific instructions to the AI chatbot, and that way they will have an enriched overall experience.

What will the ChatGPT app do for you on your Android device?

The Playstore description states the following;

  • The ChatGPT app is free to download.
  • It can sync history across different devices.
  • You can access tips especially tailor-made for you, generates instant answers, provides creative inspiration, adds professional inputs, and also gives different learning opportunities.

Open AI also intimated they are working with the White House to effectively manage AI use in the US. Also, they plan to manage it effectively around the world.

Every organization involved in the AI operations like Google, Meta, Amazon, Anthropic, Infection, and Microsoft commits to carrying out responsible practices toward the use and development of the AI platform. They met with the Biden-Harris administration at the White House on the 21st of July. Those who sign up for the app will get to sign up for the pre-order notification. Once the app is out, you will get intimation next week when the app goes live. There is no difference in the app that has been made for iOS users as it is available for Android users.

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