Netflix Introduces New User-Friendly Streaming Feature

There is a new feature that is introduced by Netflix recently. As you have seen there are many apps and organizations currently investing in making their apps and websites more and more inviting for their end-users? They call it an attempt to increase the user-friendliness of their app or site and users call it an invitation to try more apps for fulfilling their goals.

What’s in store from Netflix now, then? A new app feature is in the store that goes by the name My Netflix. It has replaced the previously available tab called the Download. The tab is to help viewers choose whatever they want to watch on Netflix.

With some of the biggest competitors lining up for them like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and even HBO Max, innovation is the only way to stay in the race.

This new Netflix feature was released in July for iOS users and it will be available to Android users by August mostly within the first few days of the month.

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The more we use the feature, the more tailor-made your content can be is what Netflix assures.

With the new tab introduced for iOS users, you can find the following;

  • A personal area where subscriber tailor-made content is offered.
  • People can even add shows and movies to their lists
  • They can also like a show or movie by giving it thumbs up.

It is a one-stop tailored shop for people to get what they want from it. They have also announced that Netflix’s Home tab will also appear on their mobile app.

Through it, you can see the complete streaming catalog or can even check recommendations, top trending series, and movie titles, and also find out titles that you’d want to watch next.

But this is not all about the new features.

Actually, there is more.

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Refer the below list for more new app feature from Netflix

  • New tabs & hot tabs will allow one to find out more about Netflix’s top 10 lists.
  • Also, you can catch up with upcoming releases easily now going forward.
  • With the Everyone’s Watching tab, you see the trend of content streaming on Netflix currently.

Are you ready? If so, tune into Netflix with an all-new set of features that are tuned to make your life easier. The promised features will be there on iOS and Android devices starting in August surely.

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