GA4 Updates: Eight New Features to Boost App Marketing

Google Analytics 4 has unveiled eight different features to help marketers who need Google’s help always. Additionally, insights provided by AI can give marketers a fair understanding of how users behave on both the web and the app. Google would make this easier for marketers to understand. After reading through their insights, a marketer can also better perform with their ads and use everything they require from these insights.

Insights can help optimize your campaigns better. The more the consumers connect with the brand, the more they would increase the ROI by making better conversions.

8 new features from Google

GA4 Updates

Here is what the 8 new features are from Google (GA4 Updates).

1. New unnotified users as an audience:

Only an estimated 37% of customers are reached through push notifications. To reach more audiences, use the existing app users through the unnotified user-suggested audience model.

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2. Re-use app and web audience smoothly:

After creating an audience list for your GA4, with the help of this feature, you can ensure that only relevant app users get targeted through your app campaigns. You are thereby making your products reach audiences who will matter most to you.

3. Google Ads is available through GA4 audience builder:

In the coming weeks, using it to build your audiences directly in your GA4 is going to happen. Through the GA4 setup, you can simplify and easily set up and manage your campaign processes.

4. Performance upliftment tool for additional use:

With this tool App campaign performances are automatically optimized. To do so, you must activate the Google signals in your GA4 properties.

5. Web-to-app conversion measurement tool

With Google’s new privacy-safe parameters better iOS campaign conversion measurement is possible with those marketers who are using the deep link option in their apps.

6. SKAdNetwork integration:

In-app event optimization and measurement can be done better now through the configuration of SKAdNetwork conversion value schema for improving it.

7. Conversion measurement on-device:

There can be several ways of sign-ins now including through the use of phone numbers and will be completely a consented process. Users on the other hand will not lose any details from their handsets as it remains only with them.

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8. Conversion lift measurement Geo-based:

Currently, in the beta testing stage, this tool will give marketers the ability to run campaigns in a regulated way and to comprehend the casual, incremental effect of your iOS app campaigns.

Out of all these, find out the one that influences you by all means and start using it to the fullest.

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