Elon Musk take @x handle from its original user-Check details

What would take to make Twitter finally his own? Changing the Twitter handle to the X handle and that was finally done on Tuesday by the X Company. He took to turning Twitter into his workspace and after altering everything around it, he finally went ahead and removed the handle @Twitter and made it @X.

On Sunday he announced changing the name from Twitter to X and also asked followers if they would want the theme to be in blue or black. When asked why he chose the X term, he replied he likes using the alphabet X.

When asked why he did change all of it, Elon Musk replied that Twitter had come a long way from being a site where one could type only 140 characters to becoming something more evolving in the process.

Interesting relay of Hwang on @x handle

However, in an interesting turn of events, the handle @X was found to have belonged to Gene X, Hwang, an event photo and video company known by the name of Orange Photography. Except for a letter of gratitude, Hwang seems to have got nothing from Musk’s X. In the letter, the X company shared their heartfelt thanks and intimated that here on his handle would be taken up by X company. They also invited him to visit their company for a tour. Even though he had a private account with them, he was quite shocked that the business did not get in touch with him while they were planning all of it.

He was also told that they would assign him a different handle and that all his followers, followings, discussions, and content will be transferred to the new account.

Hwang was not happy that the company did not deem it essential to have a discussion with him on it. He also informed me that in scenarios like such, he would have been open to the discussion. Even though the account meant a lot to him, not being compensated for it also seemed like something he was not really in favor of.

Hwang joked that he would then ask for the Twitter bird that they have dismantled the other day from the site. People did comment on Hwang not making any money out of it even though the handle was his for so many years.

Twitter is changing everything and especially how the app will function in the future. From being an all-in-one system for helping people with payments, planning, and so on, you can always expect X to work for you even better.

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