Google PlayStore is getting a revamp fit for the Pixel Tablet

Google Playstore is something we visit daily and almost every day we download one or the other apps and games from it. Now that you have promising large-sized Pixel tablets coming up, we also hear a new refurbished Playstore option will be available for the big screens.

End users have come across some of the new features already with Google I/O 2022. With it, you get to preview high-quality videos for your gaming apps. These changes will significantly improve the way users use it on Chromebooks, tablets, and foldable phones running the show right now.

According to sources from Google, they believe more people are using large screens for doing their daily tasks like working and playing. What can you expect with the refurnished Playstore?

  • Improved app listings
  • Improvisations in terms of ranking and quality
  • Streamlining the store navigation
  • Split screen search option availability.
  • Improved video quality means displaying a banner on top of the app listings for better gaming previews.

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Before they install a game, individuals will have a better idea of what they are downloading. This step will even end confusion as to how the Google Playstore has numerous games with almost the same names and also has numerous apps with confusing titles.

You can be going forth witnessing a multi-column layout enabling more visibility for the apps and games on the page top. 

Also with ranking improvements, you will see how apps adhering to Google’s policies of large screen quality of apps rank higher and appear visibly better on the Playstore. Additionally, you will also be able to see a warning when some app does not adhere well to Google’s large-screen policies.

The criteria which an app must fulfill in the process include;

  • Apps that can be resized well
  • They don’t have any kind of letterboxing
  • Apps that support both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Editor’s Choice will also be a part
  • Different curated app collections will join the show at a later period

To help consumers preview the app and to help them decide better, Google is bringing forth new content forward formats. Under this formatting, they would incorporate videos, descriptions, and pictures.

There are some best practices one would need to follow if they want to use Playstore on their large screen assets. Those who upload apps and games will need to keep these few points in mind when uploading them.

  • With each form factor, there must be a different screenshot.
  • Portray the actual in-game experience and turn your video’s attention to its core features.
  • Every image should have a proper aspect ratio.
  • Do not overload the screen with time or text-sensitive content or copy which would need to undergo frequent updates.
  • Do not go for device imagery as obsoletion comes quickly to such uploads.

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