Protect yourself with the SafeU App-Checkout Complete Details

The University of Utah is always prioritizing campus safety from its end. You can see some of the best measures being adopted and taken by them. Right now to ensure community safety they are implementing several different apps.

Currently, they plan to use two SafeU apps- one will be for safety purposes within the main campus and another is for the University of Utah Primary HealthCare.

Most of them are trying to know the reason why they are upscaling the SafeU app. The answer seems to be a usual one- improved user experience. It can help you with all your needs whenever you want. It can be with you wherever you work, go to classes, or laze around somewhere. You can either download both apps and either one of them as per your needs.

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Features that are of importance for SafeU include;

  1. Friend walk feature which allows you to message a friend your destination and location. It can make them track your journey. If in case, you get into some emergency condition there is a panic button that allows you to alert messenger services.
  2. I’m OK feature allows you to send your current location and also, I am okay messages to your friends, families, and contacts.
  3. The Work Alone feature will make the app check on you at frequent pre-set intervals. It can check on you when you are in a lab, office, or some other such space. It can send a distress call to anybody you select as a contact. You can also set an emergency service as your alert point and you need to know how things work around this one.

Who can get this SafeU app for themselves?

Members of the health community, Utah, or even members of Utah can download and use it.

To understand better, you will however need to understand more about the app and the way it functions. They have kept it easy and simple and yet, there are certain things you need to consider.

What do you get in addition to everything?

  1. Emergency Resources
  2. Plans that can work in emergency mode
  3. Essential phone numbers in the kit.
  4. Tip reporting for links

Download the app from the right source and start using it for your benefit. If you stay with someone who does not know how to use the app, you might have to teach them as well.

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