YouTube Unveils AI Tool for Automatic Video Dubbing

YouTube has a new AI powered tool and they are going to bring it to you in no time. If you have been using YouTube for your songs and audio, this feature might be for you.

In VidCon, on Thursday, YouTube brings the news that they are testing an AI app in collaboration with Aloud. It is part of Google’s in-house incubator area 120. Currently, YouTube plans to multi-language audio-tracks for many users who want to reach an international audience. It will allow creators to dub new or existing songs in as many languages as they want. Since June 2023, almost 10,000 songs have been dubbed in more than 70 languages.

All about Aloud- YouTube’s AI powered tool

Aloud can transcribe the creator’s video easily. It will translate what is there and then will produce a dubbed version. After doing it, creators will review thoroughly the transcribed video and after they edit the transcription, Aloud will produce the final dubbing.

Aloud currently functions in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. According to Jessica Gibby, they plan to include more languages soon. It will include Hindi, Bahasa Indonesian among others.

YouTube is working to make the dubbed version seem closer to the creator’s voice. They are experimenting with adding more expressions and lip syncing facilities. In the future with the help of generative AI, they might be able to preserve voices, shape emotions better, and also help reanimate lips.

With the help of the AI powered tool, YouTubers can do a lot of things and YouTube is planning to introduce them in 2024.

Other YouTube ventures and features

If you are using YouTube’s Shorts, you will know that you are already using Google’s DeepMind AI to describe your videos. The visual language uses the visual language model tool that is known as Flamingo. It helps describe a video by simply analyzing the initial video frames.

It is one of the most difficult things for creators when they cannot reach a vast ocean ahead just as language stands blocking their way. But now, what would be the limit for these YouTubers? It could only be the whole world. They will not be able to dub their creations in as many languages as they want. In this way, their part will be done better than they did it previously.

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There is a sea of features waiting to make our lives better with the coming of AI. All you need to do is focus on the improvements that will come up in your way in the times to come.

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