Garena releases Free Fire OB41 Update; Know How to Download Free Fire OB41 Update for Android and iOS

Garena releases a Free Fire update on 10th August 2023. Gamers waited long to download the updates as that would help them play the game better.

When PUBG was banned in India, Garena brought Free Fire to the gamers who previously played PUBG. Almost 180 million players are hooked to the game currently and that happened after its maintenance release in India on 31st May 2023.

What would the update bring to the gamers?

  • A lot of bug fixes would mean a smoother gaming interface.
  • New sounds, visuals, and pictures will also get accommodated.
  • Alongwith it there will be the Skills mode that will be visible to the players whenever they will switch to the Duo Active Play.
  • Players can now try two active loadouts by adjusting the clash quad.
  • There are fresh quests available with them.
  • A lot of adjustments can be made with the weapons available.
  • You can choose from different characters as fresh new faces are going to be introduced with the update.
  • Even map adjustments for Capetown and Marc will be made through it.
  • Grenada and M1917 will come up for the players.

The Garena Free Fire OB41 update is coming to both iOS and Android users. There was a huge boost in popularity when Garena notified they would never stop the game for maintenance and that everything would happen simultaneously.

The size of the Free Fire OB41 update will require just 100 MB of space. The players will need to save a lot of space to ensure all files are suitably downloaded. If the files are all not appropriately downloaded, the game will stop working on phones.

The latest update will just be capable of connecting more players.

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Coming to the process in which you can download it, here is what you must know.

  • Click the link here to begin downloading the apk file.
  • Press on the download tab and once the download is over, players will be able to install it on their device.
  • To download from third-party sources, you will need to provide third-party app download permission through your phone’s settings on both Android and iOS devices.

Patch notes read the following things becoming possible;

Cyber airdropsThey appear in the 3rd, 4th & 5th rounds
 All of them will be transparent in the beginning.
 These gradually materialize as you start capturing them.
 When transparent they cannot serve as blockers but when they gain visible shape, they can stop bullets.
 Players will have to catch these for 10-12 seconds (10 seconds for Rounds 3 & 4, 12 seconds for Round 5).
 You earn 1 point if you catch one in the 3rd or 4th round. You earn 2 points in round 5.
 Every cyber point will unlock a cyber item. With 3 cyber points, they get the buying rights for M1887-X.

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